[Digikam-users] imput icc profile

Mathusael n.vilars at free.fr
Wed Oct 18 20:29:43 BST 2006

jm pacheco a écrit :
> Ok.
> Probably I am worng, but if an image has an enbedded profile, i think 
> that the camera profile is not needed.
> When opening an image only the monitor profile and an enbedded profile 
> are needed.
Well, yes but not exactly. When you want to do a color management, you 
want all your tool chain to be calibrated in order to produce (or 
reproduce) color as accurate as possible in a reproducible way.

Now, your camera might embed something and do some conversion based on 
some internal algorithm, especially when your device is giving you .jpg 
(raw files are never color managed by the camera). Now, is this 
accurate? Probably not, so you need to supply to any color management 
tool (could be Digikam here) a profile of your device that Digicam / 
Lcms will take under account when dealing with colors.

Usually creating a profile for a monitor is relatively straightforward 
given you have the good hardware. It is more complex for camera where 
you will have to shoot a patch of colors and run some software that will 
give you a working profile. Alternative is to take profile created for 
your camera in a "generic" manner.

So, in short my answer is:
=> with your camera you shoot in jpeg sRGB ; don't do anything and 
simply ask Digikam to (may be) translate it into adobeRGB if you like. 
It will give you good result. Remember that on the web, sRGB is king, 
and you should probably not want to do adobeRGB there (in most screens, 
result will appear very dull). Also, based on experience, most photo 
labs expect sRGB and don't take under account possible profile.
=> with your camera you shoot in raw => you MUST color manage it to get 
very good to outstanding results.

But this has gone a little off topic here.
See for instance wikipedia for more information (color management / 
linux color management).


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