[Digikam-users] Double clicking [was: svn version memory usage]

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Oct 17 13:35:04 BST 2006

Dennis Meulensteen wrote:
>> I feel, and I think many users do, that double clicking should bring up
>> a full screen view instead of the editor. 
> Amen!
> This would save me a lot o f time. Maybe a configurable option would be best 
> though. That way both modes of operation would be supported.

Yes I too would prefer this.

I very rarely use the editor but quite often want to have a nice viewer...

Perhaps direct entry into the Kipi-Slideshow on pause, with funky OpenGL
overlays for forward/back with fadeing controls and all sorts :)

(sorry been o/d'ing on eye candy of late...)


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