[Digikam-users] Double clicking [was: svn version memory usage]

Birkir A. Barkarson birkirb at stoicviking.net
Tue Oct 17 01:10:46 BST 2006

  > :) yes. I meant in 0.8.x series, when I double clicked an image, I
> very quickly got this imageeditor window (or whatever it was called)
> and I can see the images full-screen there. Now when I want to see a
> picture full-screen there is no option other than double-clicking the
> image - which does this whole complicated thing thinking I want to
> edit the image. I mention in a later post to the list that while
> imageeditor is taking about 5-10 times more time to load the same
> jpeg. In effect, I want to see a picture full screen, I double click,
> wait for 4-5 seconds for the picture to load and this continues even
> when I press next/previous. Thats what I see different from 0.8.x
> series.

I feel, and I think many users do, that double clicking should bring up 
a full screen view instead of the editor.  Most of the time I want to 
view full screen and step through images (using scroll, page up/down 
etc).  When I want to edit I can usually click the edit button but as in 
the above I find myself opening the image editor far more often than I 
intend to.  This is a bit counter-intuitive and it might be prudent to 
alter this behavior.

There seem to be error cropping up in the svn version... yesterday I 
couldn't assign thumbnails to albums via the right-click menu.


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