[Digikam-users] svn version memory usage

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Oct 16 17:58:32 BST 2006

> "cache still full"  - which cache is this ? DImg ?
> Why is the dimg cache not cleared when the editor is closed ? Is that
> for performance reason ? As a result, if I keep open digikam after
> viewing a few images, it will keep blocking that 40MB memory ?

Yes. I was not involved at the time, but I was told that the old image editor 
used the same amount of cache.

> I guess what I am asking is why isnt the memory usage after
> image-editor same as that before ? I might be ok when I am using
> image-editor since I understand it has to do lots of things, but when
> I close it, things should be back to normal. (BTW, the image-editor
> felt much snappy in 0.8.x series, dunno what changed).

The cache is only for opening the image, and shared by the histogram loader 
and the image editor. Closing the image editor does not mean you wont open it 

Snappiness is very subjective. What has changed? Almost everything.

> > Second, using valgrind's massif tool.
> >
> > The attached chart was taken with a similar run as above.
> > Colors #1 and #2 represent memory used by DImg.
> > With the exception of the 45MB peak of "other", the cause of which I
> > don't know, and QImage::create, which is probably the preview feature,
> > what you can see from this is that the real large part of memory is used
> > for image editing.
> I am sorry I didnt quite understand the conclusion :(. Are you saying
> that the memory usage is normal(read: as expected) or agreeing that
> there is a leak worth investigating?

I did not find any leak. I won't investigate the heap usage below 10MB. As to 
optimizing, it's pretty clear where the large part of the memory is used. And 
with out decision to store the image as a "blob" in memory, that's it.
If you want to edit really large images, really larger than any photos taken 
with a digital camera, you need memory anyway, and Photoshop.

> Thanks,
> - dBera

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