[Digikam-users] Canon EOS 10D

Hubert Figuiere hubertf at xandros.com
Sat Oct 14 15:53:08 BST 2006

Dave Smith wrote:
> I doesn't matter what I do I can get digKam to recognise and connect to my 
> Canon EOS 10D.
> I am using FC5. One of the error messages I get is 'bad parameters'.
> I am wondering if the problem might be that FC5 uses /media instead of /mnt.

Canon 10D does not mount and disk. None of the Canon camera work this way.

Digikam use libgphoto2 to connect to a 10D.

> Any advise or suggestions would be helpful. Done all the usual Google and 
> forum searches but now very frustrated ... and with a camera full of photos 
> that I can't download!!!

Install gphoto2 and try "gphoto2 -L" to see if your pictures are visible.


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