[Digikam-users] stalled while loading

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Fri Oct 13 10:54:05 BST 2006

> Hi list,
> I'm trying to track down a problem I've been seeing on my current
> installation of digikam. I'm using the 0.9.0-beta1-r1 version, but saw
> it in 0.8.1-2 also.
> When I launch digikam, it will get past the "Initializing Main View" and
> just stall at "Reading Database"
> I can let it sit there all day and it'll never get past it. I end up
> ctrl+c'ing the app and running it again.
> This may happen 15 - 20 times in a row before it finally gets past the
> "Reading Database" message.
> There's an initial CPU spike, and then the cpu usage falls to zero. No
> disk activity seen either (using dstat to check)
> There are other times where the software will come right up in under 3
> tries.
> Anyone have any ideas how I can go about seeing what is stalling? I'm
> open to recompiling anything.

When the app has stalled, you have plenty of time ;-)
Find out with the "ps" tool the PID of the process.
Then attach gdb to it: "gdb att <PID>"
With "bt" you can get a backtrace of the main thread, with "thr appl all bt" 
of all current threads, but there should only be one at that time.


> Running FC4 on a 3GHz desktop with 1 gig of ram, but I've seen the same
> long pause on a FC6 desktop (with a slower, 733Mhz) cpu
> Thanks,
> Tim

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