[Digikam-users] Digikam FAQ proposal

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 16:02:42 BST 2006


I would propose to add these questions and answers in the Digikam FAQ

--------- digikam for non-kde users -------------

Q: When I click on a thumbnail, it opens the digikam editor, how can I 
disable that ?
A: Start kcontrol then go to Peripherals/Mouse then choose "double-click 
to open files and folders"

Q: In Metadata/GPS sidebar, when I click on "More Info...", it opens 
konqueror, how could I change it to another browser (firefox or anything 
else) ?
A: Start kcontrol then go to KDE Components/Component Chooser, then 
click on "Web Browser" and choose "in the following browser" where you 
can put any command

--------- digikam and video files ----------------

Q: Why don't I have thumbnails for my video files, or why thumbnail 
generation stops at the first video file I have ?
A: First, check if it's the same in konqueror.
Digikam uses KDE to generate thumbnails and KDE rely on aRts to do that. 
So, you should check your aRts configuration. ARts can use xine plugin 
for video files, so try if xine is able to play your video files. You 
may have to use additional codecs (eg libxine-extracodecs on 
debian/ubuntu if you already have libarts1-xine) for that.

Q: When I double-click on the video thumbnail, it opens ***any video 
player**, how could I change it to another video player ?
A: Start kcontrol then go to KDE Components/File Associations, then 
click on video. Here you have a list of file types with the list of 
applications that can open them.
E.g. if you want another video player for your .avi files, go to 
x-msvideo. The first application listed here will be the default one.


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