[Digikam-users] Help finding thumbnail cache settings?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Oct 2 11:13:21 BST 2006

> Marcel, on my wife computer (PIV 3.6Ghz + 512 Mo), a folder with more than
> 200 RAW pictures take a while : the swap is very active!
> This problem come when i toggle betwen another album and i'm back to the
> RAW folder.
> I need more investigaution about, but certainly a settings about can need
> to be done, for example to set the number od thumbs need to be cached.

That sounds like a bug to me. The thumb cache does not come in touch with the 
image format in any way, it only caches the ready-to-be-drawn pixmaps. That's 
6MB for 128er pixmaps or 24MB for 256, on the X server's memory, and once 
it's full it's full.

So you don't have a leak, but the memory comes back when switching to another 
If it is really significant maybe you can see a peak in a "massif" plot,
valgrind --tool=massif --depth=5 --format=html digikam


> Gilles

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