[Digikam-users] utf-8

Michel POTTIER Michel.Pottier at free.fr
Fri Nov 24 07:33:06 GMT 2006

  I am migrating to mandriva 2007. The locale are in utf8 and when I run 
digikam, it proposes me to remove all the album which have french 
characters (with accent). is there a solution to not loose the album?

"There are 46 albums in the database which do not appear to be on disk. 
These albums should be removed from the database, however you may lose 
information because all images associated with these albums will be 
removed from the database as well.
digiKam cannot continue without removing the items from the database 
because all views depend on the information in the database. Do you want 
them to be removed from the database?"

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