[Digikam-users] once again: color workflow

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Mon Nov 20 13:20:50 GMT 2006


either I still don't understand it ( quite possible ;-) ) or there is really 
something still missing:

- opening a CR2-raw file (click on it in album view)
- after loading the dialog "This picture has not assigned any color profile" 
appears and I could convert it to my workspace color profile.

But (as far as I see it) this is quite useless, unless I can also define a 
input-profile, because a useable picture only gets produced whith an input 
*and* a workspace profile. 

So, what I do is, click "do nothing", and then  Fix->Colors->Color 
Management... to assign the Input-profile.

I guess, I've already asked this earlier, but shouldn't there be the option to 
add the input profile for files without embeded profiles earlier, i.e. in the 
dialog "This picture has not assigned..."?



Gilles: I still havn't found where to set "set contrast  and luminosity curve 
adjustment of target image". Can you give me a closer hint, please...
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