[Digikam-users] About unsermake

Fabien fabien.ubuntu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 14:29:05 GMT 2006

Daniel Bauer wrote:
> ok, it works.
> installed unsermake again, compiled after svn up with first typing 
> 	export UNSERMAKE=no
> and it passed without any problems :-)

Ok, fine !

> So, like this it works with different exivs & unsermake. Just for a test I 
> opened 0.8.2 as standard-user, my "old" svn-digikam from June (as user test), 
> plus the latest svn as user digi and had all three versions running 
> simoultaneously...

With 3 different users, it's ok, but I would not recommend to do that 
with the same user :)

 > [...]
> Shouldn't this unsermake stuff be included in the "nomal" install procedure 
> ("Install digiKam in your system (/usr)") too? Or does this only apply to the 
> special "home directory install"?

Why not... I added it.


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