[Digikam-users] strange imageid's in database

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Wed Nov 15 18:13:07 GMT 2006


If I do

   sqlite3 digikam3.db
  .output /tmp/DUMP

the resulting file /tmp/DUMP contains
a couple of suspicious lines like:

INSERT INTO "ImageTags" VALUES(602947781394792840, 2);

INSERT INTO "ImageTags" VALUES(599721505044083208, 59);
INSERT INTO "ImageTags" VALUES(599721505044083208, 7);
INSERT INTO "ImageTags" VALUES(604611892247498616, 59);
INSERT INTO "ImageTags" VALUES(604611892247498616, 7);

INSERT INTO "ImageProperties" VALUES(617387736327167584, 'Rating', '4');

Clearly, I have not yet taken that many images ...

Do these large numbers correspond to images
which have been deleted at some point?

(as long as they don't reveal that my database is corrupted, I don't
mind, but still I would be curious about their meaning ;-)

Best, Arnd

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