[Digikam-users] Locale question

Neil Winchurst neil at holsdevon.eclipse.co.uk
Tue Nov 14 22:55:54 GMT 2006

Fabien wrote:
> Hi,
> Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> I have been using Digikam version 0.8.0 for some time with my old Linux 
>> distro Mandriva2006. Recently I have moved to Kubuntu Edgy. Here I find 
>> Digikam 0.8.2 which I have started to use. I have copied all my albums 
>> from the old distro to the new distro.
>> Every time I start Digikam I get a message about change of locale, which 
>> I do not understand. The locale has changed, I am told.  Old locale is 
>> ISO 8859-1. New locale is UTF-8. I am advised that this may cause 
>> problems and that I should correct the locale setting before restarting 
>> Digikam.
> It's all about character encodings.
> Look here :
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8859-1
> <<
> In computing applications, encodings that provide full UCS (Universal 
> character set) support (such as UTF-8 and UTF-16) are finding increasing 
> favor over encodings based on ISO 8859-1.
>  >>
> So, it's good to use utf-8 because it's becoming the default encoding now...
>> Can anyone explain all this please, and tell me how to change the 
>> setting? Or should I start afresh with this new version and forget my 
>> old photographs?
> No, hopefully you don't need to do that :)
> The only thing wrong here is that digikam should ask you only once this 
> question. If you say "yes", digikam keeps this setting in its database 
> and won't ask again for it, except if you change again your locale.
> Are you sure you have read/write access to the digikam db (digikam3.db) 
> ? This file is in the root directory of your Albums (eg ~/Pictures).
No, I had read only access which I have now changed. Anyway, I have set 
up a new folder in kubuntu and have pointed digikam to this folder. Then 
I downloaded my latest photos to a new album in this folder and all is 
OK. I will use gwenview to look at my old photos. I use the Gimp to do 
any work on photos.

By the way, digikam3.db in the new folder did have write access already. 
Version 0.8.0 and version 0.8.2 of digikam obviously don't work in quite 
the same way.

Thanks for the help

Neil Winchurst

> You can check the setting with sqlite3 :
> $ sqlite3  digikam3.db "select * from Settings"
> DBVersion|1
> UpgradedFromSqlite2|yes
> Locale|UTF-8
> Scanned|2006-11-14T12:43:29
> ==> here, you have Locale = "UTF-8".
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> Fabien
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