[Digikam-users] Download - autocreation of directories

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sun Nov 12 17:14:47 GMT 2006

The ferature in Digikam by which downloadfed pictures automatically go into 
directories created according to picture date is great - but there is aone 
thing which isn't ideal.

If I downloaded a series of pictures yesterday, the directory created would be 
called 2006-11-11, and when doing the download I wouldn have set it to be 
created under a higher level directory (in my case, the higher directory is 
called just '2006').

If I do the same today, the default locatin for the new directory is under the 
one I created yesterday, rather than under the higher-level directory I chose 
yesterday.  So instead of having the natural structure of:


I would have


Am I missing a setting somewhere, or do others agree that the more natural 
behaviour woudl be for the selected 'base' directory to be maintained between 
David Aldred

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