[Digikam-users] the RAW + JPE mode

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Sat Nov 11 16:17:36 GMT 2006

Le Samedi 11 Novembre 2006 15:53, Mathusael a écrit :
> I just shifted from 0.9.0-beta2 to the beta3 and there are again a lot
> of improvements. Digikam Hurrah ! ;-)
> I have to say that the problem I was reporting back in september about
> "very odd color saturation" on raw pictures has vanished away.
> But on to my point, I am still using RAW pictures but I have decided to
> shoot in RAW + JPG mode as I get for free (save the space on my card) a
> small jpeg picture as well as the raw picture. Now Digikam imports all
> this very well and store it in its database.
> However it doesn't seem that Digikam does more than that.
> In fact I would like to use these JPGs (extension ".jpe" for minolta)

Dynax 7D or 5D ? Here i'm using a 5D camera.

> for quick picture selection after coming from a WE of shooting. In fact
> when you come back with 300+ pictures, I do a first selection and erase
> all pictures that are out of focus or without interest (understand 2/3
> of the pictures).
> Today in the view mode, Digikam is using a very low quality thumbnail
> from the RAW picture. 

Not from a RAW. Let's me explain :

In Camera interface, we have used the .thm file witch embeded a poor quality 
thumbnail. Why ? To limit the data transfert between the computer and the 

But i'm agree with you. The thumbs from .THM file are not really suitable. I 
can reproduce it here.

> It doesn't really allow to see if the picture is 
> in focus or not. May Digikam use the ".jpe" instead? 

yes, but now need to do it. RAW files (MRW for minolta) embed an high qulity 
preview (640x480 JPG) witch is used to display picture on TV for example : 
the camera do not decode RAW image data, it's too long.

> Is there some 
> way/option for me to enable that?

no, it's hardcoded.

> Besides when a particular picture is 
> deleted, the .raw + .jpe should be deleted in the same time.

Hum, it can be dangerous. actually this file type are drived in separate way. 

> What do the Digikam community thinks?
> Nicolas.

Note digiKam 0.9.0-rc ill be release this week end. No new features will be 
added until final release planed at Christmast. But yes, i can check the RAW 
thumb quality problem in camera interface.


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