[Digikam-users] hiding "empty" albums

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Wed Nov 8 18:35:02 GMT 2006


After having considered and tried both Kphotoalbum and Digikam, I
found the latter to better for reasons I won't enumerate here and
would like to thank you for this nice piece of software.

Still I'm coming back to a question mentionned previously that may
have been unnoticed since at the end of a long thread.

  . each directory under the root picture directory is considered to
    be an album,

  . it is common, outside any software, to layout a 'Collection' on
    the file system (let's say pictures from your last holidays) in a
    hierarchy of directories, some of which could hold no pictures (beeing
    there only for organization purpose)

	ex : 


   . if we consider "holidays_06" in this example to be a
     "Collection", once imported, the "foo" and "bar" albums, since 
     they hold no picture, would appear as "empty" in the 
     "Album-sorted-by-Collections" view

Is there a way to 'hide' them ?

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Hummel

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