[Digikam-users] Number of digits in file name

Caspar Maessen cmaessen at casco.demon.nl
Sun Nov 5 20:05:35 GMT 2006

Op zondag 5 november 2006 18:07, schreef Norman Urs Baier:

  > The added a sequence number has always 5 digits, is there a way to
  > configure that?
I support this wish. Here in The Netherlands we have a standard 
published by the NIDF (Dutch Institute for Digital Fotography). They 
advice to use the following format for archiving purposes:
1.- 4 characters being initials of the fotographer
    cmae or cm-- or chm-
2.- 8 numericals for the Year Month and Day
3.- a hyphen
4.- sequence# of 4 digits; up to 9999 pictures per day can be archived
5.- file-extension

1, 2 and 5 are met by digikam. Current SVN-digikam also uses a hyphen 
for 3. and for 4. 6 digits are used. It would be nice if this was made 

Hoe hoger de norm, des te groter de afwijking. Er ontstaat een 
risicomaatschappij. De perceptie gaat het winnen van de feiten en de 
beheersing van de risico's wordt selectief, meer 'voor het oog'. --René 
van Swaaningen (citaat Alert, 2006)

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