[Digikam-users] Digikam 0.8.1 problems

Jens Lallensack info at dinospuren.de
Sat Nov 4 17:27:59 GMT 2006

Hello all!

Digikam is very useful for me, and I'm happy that its there, but I have
a lot of problems:
(I use Suse 10.1 64bitt and KDE and Digikam 0.8.1.).

First I put all my pictures from last summer into an album ( ~ 400
Pictures), but they were from different cameras and so not sorted
optimally. So I tried to rename the pictures that where not in order.
That was a lot of work (is there a easier way for sorting images?).
After that I made a slideshow. But in the slideshow lot of pictures were
in the wrong order, but the order is important for my slideshow. All the
picture-names were very long (for example "Canada 0345ag.jpg") because I
had renamed them to put then into the right order...  I thougt perhaps
is that the reason why the slideshow didn't work with the right order.
So I use the plugin "rename images", and the plugin renamed all the
pictures, beginning with "0001.jpg". But the slideshow didn't work. I
saw, that the rename-plugin didn't work so good, too. Some pictures sill
had names like "234a.jpg". So I started the rename plugin again and
again... and now all my pictures are in the totally wrong order! :-(

It is possible to sort the pictures by drag and drop and rename the
pictures in the actually order? Or what can I do to sort my pictures easily?

Out of topic, I need something to change the taggs and comments of a set
of pictures I have marked. For example, I have 20 pictures and I want to
make the same comment for all pictures, its terrible when I must do this
with every single picture. One of my camera makes terrible comments
automaticly, and unter each picture you can see "Lead Technologies...".
I dont want to delete this for every picture separatetly.

Greetings and thank you,

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