[Digikam-users] Exif statistics

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Fri Nov 3 09:07:37 GMT 2006

Le Vendredi 03 Novembre 2006 08:22 AM, Cyril Gouget a écrit :
> HEllo
> As I am planning to buy a new lens, I am facing the choice of the focal...
> 27mm? 35?
> In order to answer that question I would be very VERY interested in being
> able to compare the focals used for all my photos. Can Digikam batch export
> all the exif informations in a CSV file?

there is no plugin for that actually.

But you can use Exiv2 command line program to batch extract Exif tag and store 
it to a file. With a script, it's not very complicated to do. Perhaps 
somebody have alredy done something like that...

Note : actually, digiKam cannot process searchs about photo exif tag like Lens 
focal, aperture, shutter speed, flash, GPS info, etc. but in the future, we 
will implemente this feature.

In fact there is already a file in B.K.O about this subject. To implement this 
feature, we need to add new array in  the database to store these 
informations. This will be done later 0.9.0 because we not would change the 
database in 0.9.0 to preserve compatibility with 0.8.x serie, and limit 
changes in source code for this release (there are too many changes in 0.9.0)

Also, there is another file in B.K.O to improve the DB interface in digiKam to 
support others DB frontends than sqLite like mySQL for example. This will be 
done at the same time, later 0.9.0, when digiKam will be ported to QT4.x 
because database API in QT4.x is more simple than QT3.x

To resume, later 0.9.0, the first task to do is to port digiKam to QT4.x and 
after working on DB stuff... We will certainly create a new developpemt 
branch in svn for that : one to maintain 0.9.0, another one for QT4 port.


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