[Digikam-users] saving tags and rating into IPTC tags...

Markus Spring m.spring at gmx.de
Fri Mar 31 22:14:28 BST 2006

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Hi digikam-users,

re IPTC my proposal would be as such:

* Offer a broad range of IPTC fields to be filled in
* offer full configurability of the usage of fields and their location of
storage, i.e. in digikam db and or not in the image file itself
* A migration path to XMP data should be considered for the future.

I would consider such a matrix of selection fields:

IPTC field               used and stored in digikam          stored in the image
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Caption                           0/1                              0/1
By-Line                           0/1                              0/1
Keywords                          0/1                              0/1
Credit                            0/1                              0/1
Copyright                         0/1                              0/1
City                              0/1                              0/1
Province/State                    0/1                              0/1
Country                           0/1                              0/1
Special Instructions              0/1                              0/1
Category                          0/1                              0/1
Headline                          0/1                              0/1
Source                            0/1                              0/1

If the user decides to select a field, then by default it will be stored in
digikam, the storage in the image can be selected additionally.

The Copyright field should offer the Creative Commons licenses in correct
nationalized form, including the link to the license on the web, additional
licenses can be filled in in free text forms (the licenses should be saved in a
database table)

I hope this helps in implementing a much wanted feature of this great program.
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