[Digikam-users] saving tags and rating into IPTC tags...

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Fri Mar 31 09:03:48 BST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 30. März 2006 21:21 schrieb Caulier Gilles:
> No problem for the sound, Daniel, especially when it come from a
> pro-photographer (:=)))
> But my purpose of my mail is... witch IPTC tags is need to use to store
> digiKam tags and rating informations !

I've read a long professional and in-deep article about the use of IPTC in the 
picture market two month ago or so. I'll try to find it again over the 
weekend and submit the info therein - if I find it...

As much as I remember rating informations are not interesting for IPTC, 
because this is subjective and always only for "in-house"-use (to store in a 
database but not in the picture). IPTC data should be descriptive in a more 
objective way. 

Lets say, you're a picture researcher. Then you search for "palm-lined beach 
with tourists", but you would not search for a "good" picture, simply because 
as an art buyer you assume that the pictures are "good" - and it's not 
interesting info for you, if the photographer thinks, his picture is "top" or 
"mediocre". If you don't like them it's again subjective and you can put this 
info in your own database (that would be a digikam tag in my eyes) but not in 
the IPTC of the file.

Well, ok, if people want to use IPTC tags for their personal notes, why should 
they not be able to do it. But it's not for professionals and so one must 
have the possibility to differentiate, what will be saved directly in the 
picture file and what "only" in the digikam database. I'd even prefer if IPTC 
and "digikam-tags" would be regarded as two fully independent features.

But ok, I'm gonna search for the article and then let you know what I found...
> My proposal is just a first approach. If you have already used a photo
> managment software witch use IPTC with the same digiKam functionnalities
> (under MAC or Win32), i would a feedback about that, to give a compatibily.

I haven't yet allthough I should have to... Until now I simply leave the work 
of indexing to the agencies ;-) On Win the problem was, that such software is 
far too expensive for me (and many others). So I guess, it's a great thing if 
digikam can do this, too.

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