[Digikam-users] saving tags and rating into IPTC tags...

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Thu Mar 30 12:39:04 BST 2006

Hi all,

digiKam 0.9.0-svn use now Exiv2 instead libkexif at all (note : today i have 
removed definitivly libkexif depency from digiKam core)

New horizon can be done using Exiv2, especially to save new metadata in image.

Many users have reported some request to save in image the Tags and Rating 
informations into photograph like it does into databasein both of database. 
This is can be done using IPTC metadata...

About digiKam Tags, i propose to use "Iptc.Application2.Keywords". From 
www.iptc.org, the IPTC documentation (page 32) said :

2:25 Keywords : 
              Repeatable, maximum 64 octets, consisting of graphic char-
              acters plus spaces.
              Used to indicate specific information retrieval words.
              Each keyword uses a single Keywords DataSet. Multiple key-
              words use multiple Keywords DataSets.
              It is expected that a provider of various types of data that are             
              re-lated in subject matter uses the same keyword, enabling the
              re-ceiving system or subsystems to search across all types of
              data for related material.

                       "GRAND PRIX"

About digiKam Ratings, i propose to use "Iptc.Application2.FixtureId". From 
www.iptc.org, the IPTC documentation (page 32) said :

2:22 Fixture
                Not repeatable, maximum 32 octets, consisting of graphic char-
                acters. Identifier Identifies objectdata that recurs often and
                predictably. Enables users to immediately find or recall such
                an object.
                         "EUROW EATHER"

More informations about IPTC :


Let's me hear your viewpoints, and your feedback if you have already used an 
another photo-management program running like this.


Gilles Caulier

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