[Digikam-users] Jpeg file opened as RAW after debian upgrade

Pierre Dinh-van pierre at qsdf.org
Sun Mar 19 18:06:54 GMT 2006

Hello everyone,

I'm using Digikam for one month (and i'm very happy with it), but I just made 
an upgrade of my debian testing and I got a problem.

Since I did my upgrade, digikam (0.8.1-3) can't open jpeg files via the 
default image viewer or showFoto (is it the same ?).
If I run it from a console, I get :

digikam: WARNING: Running dcraw command : dcraw -c -2 -w -a -q 0 
Cannot decode PENTAX Optio 50L JPEG images.
digikam: WARNING: Not a raw digital camera image.

The Digikam image editor or showFoto just show a black rectangle which size is 
0x0 pixels.

It can open png files with no problem, and launching a slideshow in fullscreen 
works also.

I looked in the mime types configuration, but it seems that .jpeg and .jpg are 
in the correct place...

I would be very happy if someone can help me to find what happened !


Pierre Dinh-van

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