[Digikam-users] workflow?

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Tue Mar 7 07:24:10 GMT 2006


I have now been trying out digikam for about a week and
have a question concerning a recommended workflow:

After importing a bunch of images into a new album
I would like to tag and rate them.
For this one can right-click on each image, select
"Assign tag" and then select the tag from the list which shows up.
If one has several tags which need to be assigned to one picture
(or a selection of pictures), one has to go through this sequence every

In the end I would like to do the tagging/rating for my whole image
collection of 10000+photos.

The above procedure is quite time-consuming, so I would
be interested in learning about a faster way!

Thanks a lot for this great program!

Best, Arnd

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