[Digikam-users] Need photograph files including GPS informations...

Carsten Niehaus cniehaus at gmx.de
Mon Mar 6 16:30:07 GMT 2006

Gilles Caulier wrote:

> I have completed a new GPS info viewer in digiKam 0.9.0 alpha. This one
> display the world location where have been taken the photo on a small
> world map. 

Wow! I studied biology and was in Portugal with two profs. We took a
gazillion photos of plants and always noted the gps-coordinates down and
later one matched them with the jpeg-files. This would have beed a *very*
cool integrated solution! (well, we didn't have a gpg-sensor for our dSLR,
but next time we would).

> There is a screenshot of the GPS tool in action at this url :
> http://digikam3rdparty.free.fr/Screenshots/digikam0.9.0-alpha8.png

I cannot test the code right now (because of time). Perhaps you can create a
close-up of the digikam interface itself so that I could give you feedback?

Such advanced things are exactly what is missing in digikam to convince my
profs :)


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