[Digikam-users] mark album position - just an idea

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Mon Mar 6 08:49:49 GMT 2006

Hello everybody

I don't know if this can easily be done (and if it's even desired by anbody 

Would it be possible to add an automatic "position marker" to the album view?

For example I have some large albums, like 800 cr2-files in a "originals 
album" and the same pictures processed to tiff in another album. Now when 
making over all the photos one by one I often switch from the "processed" to  
the "originals" album and vice versa. Then the album shows up beginning with 
No. 1 and I always have to scroll down to my actual working position.

Would be nice, if the albums could remind the position of the last view and go 
there again when I switch back to it. Maybe with a selection in the digiKam 
settings, whether one wants to automatically mark the album position or not.

It's not really a disadvantage not to have it, but (for me) it would be 
another great help in processing my photos...



Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Switzerland
professional photography: http://www.daniel-bauer.com
special interest site: http://www.bauer-nudes.com

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