[Digikam-users] digiKam-0.8.1 crashes when advanced search is selected from the tools menu

Graeme Nichols gnichols at tpg.com.au
Sun Jun 18 06:47:08 BST 2006

Hello Folks,

I am a new digiKam user and very impressed. Unfortunately I get the 
above when I select the advanced search.

The bug is shown as resolved on bugs.kde.org but, probably due to my 
ignorance, I cannot find what the resolution was. Maybe it was to 
upgrade to the next release, 0.8.2, or maybe something else.

My system is FC4, KDE 3.4.0-6 Red Hat. The digiKam, KIPI-Plugins and 
digiKamimage-plugins were all from the FC4 Extras repository as were 
some needed dependencies.

If someone can let me know what the resolution was I would appreciate 
it; or point me in the right direction to find the resolution.

Thank you.


Kind regards,

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