[Digikam-users] Using digikam on two computers?

Turgut Durduran durduran at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 18:02:06 BST 2006


Let's keep up with the brainstorming, may be I can get
to testing this out this week-end.

> Yes, but maybe if one does an "intelligent" syncing
> procedure it  might work. 

I was thinking of "unison"
(http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/) or some
script based on rsync. What you describe below is
doable if the users are careful.

>     *All these files are considered to be
> unchangeable, including
>      their tags etc. - all changes will be ignored*

We can perhaps achieve this by changing the
permissions on the files. Remove the "write
permission" (chmod a-w) to avoid accidental

> (4) Adding the changes back to the main computer:
>     (a) First add all additional tags into the main
> digikam3.db        database

If we make one further assumption that there will not
be any changes on the main computer while the "laptop
is in the field" , then we can just copy back the
digikam3.db , is that correct?

> Some problems/points:
> ad (1):
>    * Presently I only implemented something like
> this for jpg
>      - what about raw files?
>      - what about tiff/png/...

What is the problem with these? Resizing? I can write
a script to resize most formats. I am not entirely
sure but I think we can turn the raw files to "preview
only" (the little tiff file attached to raw files).

>    * If one has changed Pictures on the main
> machine,
>      one does not want to re-create small-size
> copies of
>      all images again. So it should be possible to
>      create the small size copies only for newer
> files.
>      (However, files could have become deleted,
>      changed or moved - so this is not completely
> trivial...)

This would not work with unison. But a custom
perl/shell script can take care of it.

> More importantly before coding is, whether the above
> approach
> is robust enough - so any comments/criticism is
> wellcome!

I am curious about that too :)

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