[Digikam-users] Color management.. again

Tommaso Schiavinotto mynos_main at yahoo.it
Thu Jun 15 22:44:00 BST 2006

Tommaso Schiavinotto wrote:
> I usually work with RAW (MRW), then I save PNG.
> If after I want to work on some image that was saved PNG, as input 
> filter is taken the one from the camera (I suppose) and the image editor 
> shows a  much brighter image than the one I saved (and that I can see 
> with other viewer). It would make sense that for RAW the input profile 
> is that of the camera, while for others (JPG, PNG) the
> embedded one should be used and a different color profile should be
> provided other than that of the camera.
If I let the Image viewer to ask how I want to manage the color profiles 
it tells me that the image has
no color profile (beside I saved from the image viewer and I have the 
output color profile set to sRGB),
so it tries to "reconvert" the already sRGB png in sRGB making the image 


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