[Digikam-users] advice for creating CD's

Scott Bolte listS+digikam-users at niss.com
Mon Jun 12 02:27:52 BST 2006

	I've dug in some more and CDArchive looks like it does more
	than I realized. I will try to use that. However, any advice
	or recommendations that people want to share would still
	be welcome.


On Sun, 11 Jun 2006 14:41:12 -0500, Scott Bolte wrote:
> I'm looking for advice on the best way to create CD's of photos for a
> variety of operating systems. I periodically want to tag a bunch of
> photos in digikam, export & burn them to CD, and send them to family
> that have very limited connectivity to the internet.  Some people have
> Macs, old OS 9 in a few cases, while others have Microsoft systems.
> A quick review of the Kipi plugins suggest CDArchive, Images Gallery
> (is that the same as HTML Gallery?) and the MPEG slideshow are all
> candidates.  CDArchive looks to be an easy front end to k3b, but
> does not seem to do anything to make the collection more OS neutral
> or help with navigation. Images Gallery looks like it will create
> a hierarchy that can be read on any OS, but it will be completely
> static. The MPEG slide show has potential I'm not sure how portable
> its mpeg files are.
> If anyone has experience creating CD's for a diverse set of non-Unix
> users I'd love to hear your advice.
> 	Scott
> P.S. Can Images Gallery, the HTML export I believe, work off tags
> instead of directories?
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