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Paul Sommer Paul.Sommer1 at gmx.de
Wed Jun 7 00:03:22 BST 2006

>> starting from Version digikam_0.8.1-2_i386.deb, digikam deletes the
>> EXIF-Data from pictures.
>> When I download pictures from my camera all the photos that are in portrait
>> mode (thus rotated) does not have any EXIF-data. Landscape Pictures are OK.
>> After reinstalling Ver. 0.8.0-1-1+b1 the EXIF-Data stays correct.

>Witch libexif you use. Have any error messages when you start digikam from a 
>console ?

In both the cases I use libexif12 Ver 0.6.13-4. libexif10 Ver 0.6.9-6 is also installed but seems not to be used

I Don't get any stating messages from both the versions.
When starting the new version the uttered messages are:
KIPI (loading): Plugin_JPEGLossless plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_CDArchiving plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_Imagesgallery plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_SendImages plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_FlickrExport plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Loaded Plugin_Calendar
KIPI (loading): Plugin_Mpegencoder plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_AcquireImages plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_GalleryExport plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_TimeAdjust plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_FindImages plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_PrintWizard plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_WallPaper plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_SlideShow plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_BatchProcessImages plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Plugin_SimpleViewer plugin loaded
KIPI (loading): Loaded RawConverter

When loading an image that has to be rotated the old version says:

digikam: Number of EXIF tags in IFD0 section:9
digikam: Wrote Image Orientation: 1
digikam: Wrote file '/media/Photos/2006-04/.digikam-exifrotate-18429'.
digikam: WARNING: Trying to append a Metadata item for an unknown key (no ItemInfo): EXIF comment

The Exif-Data of that picture ist there after rotation.

When I process se same picture with the 8.1 Version it simply says:

digikam: No EXIF information found.

And the resulting picture is missing any Exif-Data.

Paul Sommer

P.S. Sorry for the delay. I had problems sending the reply.


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