[Digikam-users] export of albums

Mikolaj Machowski mikmach at wp.pl
Thu Jun 1 20:37:09 BST 2006

Dnia czwartek, 1 czerwca 2006 08:03, Gilles Caulier napisał:
> > Major limitation. Maybe non-ascii chars could encoded as something
> > like <U+hexvalue> and later reencoded as character? Even in programs
> > not aware about that convention it could be understandable (although
> > not very readable).
> no, IPTC is a normalization. If you do something like that, other
> photomanagement programs can't read these informations.

They will read. Slightly less readable but at least understandable for
end-user. What is more useful for end-user::




In second case (s)he at least has chance to understand that.

> The only way to solve IPTC limitations is to use XMP metadata. It's
> planed to add XMP support into Exiv2 library in the future.



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