[Digikam-users] [KDE-i18n-nl] Testers needed.

Dik Takken D.H.J.Takken at phys.uu.nl
Sun Jan 15 21:03:16 CET 2006

I would love to test this, but my attempts to upgrade from HAL 0.4 to HAL 
0.5 have failed. The reason why I failed is that I need HAL to call my 
home-made BASH scripts when new devices are added. With HAL 0.4 you can 
have it call a BASH script and add all device properties to its 
environment. As far as I could tell, HAL 0.5 no longer has this feature...

If somebody can prove me wrong, I would love to upgrade to HAL 0.5 and 
test new DigiKam versions.


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Tomorrow I will pack digiKam 0.8.1, but i have a problem. I recently added 
support for the media:/ kio which will make life of a lot of users better. 
Under 'camera' there is a new option browse media, which will hold the 
attached cameras.

The problem is that this feature is not yet tested. I would love it if you 
could install it and test it, so i can decide if it should get it in the 
release or removed. 

To test:

Or kubuntu dapper users:
(rc1, does not contain auto unmount, rc2 will arrive later tonight)

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