[Digikam-users] Hierarchical tags, renaming dirs (was: Digikam and KPhotoAlbum)

Michael Gerdau mgd at technosis.de
Fri Dec 22 17:08:32 GMT 2006

Hi list !

Thanks to all that responded to my earlier mails and helped me
understand digikam a little better.

Meanwhile I played with it a bit more and have come across these:
- I would like to be able to move tags in my tag hierarchie. Of
  course I could create them new at the desired position but then
  I would have to retag all images involved (which could be a PITA
  as long as tagging multiple images at once is not supported)

  Is moving tags possible and how ?

- while adding some more pictures to the collection I renamed some
  of the albums (directories) inside the filesystem (as a result of
  revising my naming scheme).
  As a consequence I lost tags and scores for almost all images
  involved. Only very few images kept their tags but I have not
  yet understood why.

  Is there a way to keep tags and scores (etc.) when renaming
  directories and how ?

Thank you, best wishes,
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