[Digikam-users] Loss of information

J├╝rgen Flosbach dk juergen.flosbach at bigfoot.com
Fri Dec 22 09:04:25 GMT 2006


I have to come back to an earlier discussed topic.
Losing data.

Yesterday I got the latest version of digikam, digikamimageplugins and 
exiv2 and compiled them successfully.

The way I handle my pictures is, that I place my originals in a 
directory called Original that is below the directory where the changed, 
improved picture goes.

Today I edited one of the originals, entered a comment and selected 
several tags. Then I saved the image with "save as" in the above directory.

After saving the comments and tags where gone. They just disappeared. 
Now I move forward to the original image. And .... here are the comments 
and all tags. Back to the changed image, still no comments, no tags.

I close image editor and have a lock in album view where are my images. 
The original is there, the changed one doesn't show up.

I exit digikam and start it again.

Still, my changed pic is not there. So I go back to the original, do the 
changes again, and then I am about to save the pic and, what a wonder, 
in the "save as " dialog the missing picture shows up.

But this time the data doesn't get lost.

This is the only time when it happened ( till now ).

NOTE : I had before digikam beta3 installed with its plugins. I 
installed the new digikam right over the old one. I don't know if this 
can cause such trouble.

My system:
Suse 10.0

With regards

Juergen Flosbach

e-mail : juergen.flosbach at bigfoot.com

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