[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

Gonçalo Valverde goncalo.valverde at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 19:01:45 GMT 2006

Hi Daniel.

Well, i don't think that Adobe is the know it all in terms of
usabillity and to be honest I never liked Adobe Photoshop.. way too
bloated and confusing. GIMP is a lot easier and more fun to use. But
the develop tool strip in Lightroom is quite a nice idea, and it does
help to have access to the functions to use. Since digiKam allready
use tabs, from my point of view it would make sense to have a tab with
all the available functions (or customizable by the user) instead of
having to dig in a lot of menus. IMMV, but from my point of view this
improves a lot the usability of the program.

I agree that finishing/debugging the productivity tools should be the
highest priority, but usability is also important. Perhaps setting a
different team of people to work on this. Being a crappy programmer
and without much time available perhaps I could help in somewhere
else. Like i said, i do like digiKam.. I just think that there things
that could be improved in order to make it a more interesting program.
For instance, IMHO the Amarok team did a great job on this, and it's a
program a lot better than the crappy windows media player or the even
worst iTunes.


PS: I know that this doesn't entitle me to special attention but only
now I've remember that I've donated money to the project some weeks
ago :). So actually I'm not expecting something for free :)

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