[Digikam-users] blank pop-up menu

David Lee dlee at monroe.lib.mi.us
Wed Dec 20 22:13:00 GMT 2006


In both digikam and image editor my pop-up menus are blank when using the
sgi widget style.  When I right-click for for the first time after opening
digikam, the menu displays normally very briefly, then all text disappears. 
The text only appears on the first right-click.  I can still select the
menu items, I just can't see what to pick.  There doesn't appear to be a
problem in other kde apps when using this style.  I am using digikam-0.9.0
and kde 3.5.4.

Obviously, I will be switching to a different style, but has anyone else
seen this?  Is there a way to fix it?


Dave Lee

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