[Digikam-users] digiKam and digiKamImagePlugins 0.9.0 release

Gerhard Kulzer gerhard at kulzer.net
Mon Dec 18 14:51:26 GMT 2006

Dear all digikam users,

just in time for Xmas the digiKam team has released the 0.9.0 of digikam. 
Together with the plugin package and the kipi-plugins (which have seen major 
revamping recently), a mature, easy to use, yet very professional program has 
been made available to the community. Please have a look at the announcement 
at this URL: http://www.digikam.org

This release is a source tarball package for compilation. If you rather prefer 
to install the binaries for your Linux distribution, you'll have to wait a 
little while until they are available.


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