[Digikam-users] Review of Digikam

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Dec 16 12:29:22 GMT 2006

Dik Takken a écrit :

> Indeed, the article is not written in a very constructive way. Not well 
> argued, and no solutions are suggested. Not much more than a 'I like 
> this application, and I don't like the others' kind of story.

he likes Picassa, what I don't (I nearly hate this one)
> On the other hand: If DigiKam users find that any of the criticism is 
> justified, they can turn it into something constructive by filing well 
> argued problem descriptions and possible solutions as wishlist items on 
> bugs.kde.org.

many of his criticisms are justified (at least until 8.0 
version), but digikam works quite well. The ability of 
making some edits is mandatory for me, digital cams gives us 
tons of images mostly good, but most of then need already a 
little fix digikam do neatly and on the spot

my main concern about digikam are the unreliability of tag 
editing (I have lost too many times my comments and gave up 
on tagging).

it lacks also a real save/restore to disk (cd/dvd) utility. 
I mean a way to keep the database and the images in sync 
between several installs (save on 10.0, restore on 10.2, 
with may be different folders). May be it would be better to 
have the data in the same folder than images (may be only on 
backups). I also lose data this way.

of course the better way should be to have data stored IN 
the image, but this seems to be unlikely



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