[Digikam-users] Digikam-users Digest, Vol 19, Issue 22

yves thomazeau yvesthomazeau at free.fr
Wed Dec 13 19:46:55 GMT 2006

Le mercredi 13 décembre 2006 06:49, digikam-users-request at kde.org a écrit :
> Sound like an out of memory prblem. Swap is on ? how many RAW you have ? Is
> your system is completly frozen ? Are you a GDB backtrace ?

Yes it sounds like that . It happens very often with my big files (1,5 
mo /6Mpx) though it did not previously ....
My system is not completely frozen most of the time but digikam just 
disappears with an error message .
i don t understand the other questions : 
Swap is on ? what do you mean ? there is a swap partition on my hard disk is 
that the answer ?
how many RAW? none of my pictures are RAX only big jpeg files .
A GDB backtrace ? what is it ?
 thanks for your help .

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