[Digikam-users] From Digikam 0.6 on MdV2005 to Digikam 0.9 on Mdv2007 : How to convert the database

Jean-Luc Pinardonn jl.pinardon at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 21:43:40 GMT 2006

Duncan Hill <digikam at ...> writes:

> Jean-Luc Pinardonn wrote:
> > -fno-common -DQT_CLEAN_NAMESPACE  -c -o imagepreviewwidget.lo `test -f 
> > 'imagepreviewwidget.cpp' || echo'./'`imagepreviewwidget.cpp
> > imagepaniconwidget.h:74: error: extra qualification
> > ‘Digikam::ImagePanIconWidget::’ on member ‘regionSelectionChanged’
> > 
> > I really cannot manage to find out where is the problem ?
> > 
> > Thanks for your highlights if you could help.
> > Best regards, and have a good evening.
> Jean-Luc,
> I make no promises (due to time constraints primarily), but I'm willing 
> to look at the XML file and see if I can reconstruct the migration 
> script.  If I can, Gilles et al can put it somewhere safe :)
> 0.7.4 compiles by the way, while 0.7.0 won't.  I haven't checked the 
> source to see if it has the appropriate converter.
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Dear all,

Thanks for your helps.
I have compiled sucessfully and with absolutely no difficulty the 0.7.4 version.
And it has correctly find again my old albums and tags.

Well, now I have a freshly installed O.8.2-7 version, it has converted again the
database (from SQLite2 to SQLite3, I guess) and now it works well.
I have found again all the photos and albums.
So, it seems to be OK.
Note that I had erroneously mentioned that I had installed a 0.9 version with
Mdv2007. It was actually a 0.8. Sorry for the mistake.

Well, have a good evening, and thank you very much for the help.
Merci Beaucoup ;)


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