[Digikam-users] Fwd: Re: Exiv2 library missing???

Thorsten Schnebeck thorsten.schnebeck at gmx.net
Fri Dec 8 09:14:52 GMT 2006

On Thursday, December 7, 2006 02:50:36 PM Angelo Naselli wrote:

> > > > You have to options:
> > > > 1) Try to convince the kipi-devels that the current kipi
> > > > configure-checks is bad style
> To convince us, they should propose something better and they should
> argue why it's bad style, or am I wrong?

Hi Angelo,

the discussion was a "little" bit longer, so you don't have enough information 
so far:

The aim is to install a test version of digikam and all of its components into 
a separate directory. That way you have a stable version and a test version.

Problem is to install two versions of exiv2-lib. Here are some side effects. 
dikikam checks for exiv2 by searching for exiv-config and check its version 
by using pkg-config.

So if you want to differentiate two version of libexiv2 you need to adjust
your  PKG_CONFIG_PATH env variable.

But kipi-check destroys/adjusts your PKG_CONFIG_PATH:

> #------------------------------------------------------------------
> # KIPI support (KDE Image Plugin Interface)
> #------------------------------------------------------------------
> if test "$PKGCONFIGFOUND" = "yes" ; then
>    # check for libkipi
>    have_libkipi=no
>    PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$prefix/lib${kdelibsuff}/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH"
>    if test "$prefix" != "$kde_libs_prefix"; then
>        PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$kde_libs_prefix/lib${kdelibsuff}/pkgconfig:
>    fi
>    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH

If your stable version of libexiv2 stays in $prefix/lib${kdelibsuff} you can 
not use another lib version cause KIPI support overwrites PKG_CONFIG_PATH.

I called this bad style cause when studying other configure check I often saw 
this style:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=(what ever I need)
(do some tests)

But KIPI support exports this changed environment variable.

Solutions to solve this problem:

1) a save redefinition like:

2) digikam uses exiv2-config and not pkg-config

3) pkgconfig_save method without exporting



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