[Digikam-users] Missing libkexif.so.1, where can I get it?

cl at isbd.net cl at isbd.net
Wed Dec 6 09:27:08 GMT 2006

I have digikam 0.9.0-beta3 and I've just realised that some of my
problems with it are because it can't find libkexif.so.1.  The version
option reports as follows:-

    server$ digikam -v
    Qt: 3.3.6
    KDE: 3.5.4
    digiKam: 0.9.0-beta3

So how can I get libkexif.so.1, should it have been installed with one
of the above?  Whatever, how can I sort things out?  (This is a
Slackware 11 system by the way)

Chris Green (chris at halon.org.uk)

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