[Digikam-users] Slides about digiKam

Dudas Gabor dudasg at freemail.hu
Mon Apr 17 08:53:06 BST 2006


Handling of 16 bit images through plugins is possible. However I cannot 
open 16-bit TIFF files (I get a big black picture). But I think this 
would be very useful, since it is very good to use digikam for post 
processing after converting a RAW to a 16 bit TIFF (yes, to be honest I 
am using an external RAW converter).
The RAW converter can also save to 8 bit TIFF (and this can be opened by 
digikam), but of course this contains much less information, and its not 
really usable for a quality post-processing.

Any plan to support 16bit TFF files?


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