[Digikam-users] saving the results of a search?

Arnd Baecker arnd.baecker at web.de
Tue Apr 11 12:29:11 BST 2006


another round of tagging and rating over the week-end
brings up some more questions+comments (I am using svn trunk):

a) is there a way to save the results of a search?

  More precisely, I would like to get a list of file-names

  This list could then easily be postprocessed
  (For example resized and copied somewhere outside of digikams control)

  I am sure that this could also be done externally by some
  clever sequence of sql commands, but the above might be simpler.

b) Search for rated images with "Rating higher than *****":
   As far as I know it is not possible to assign ratings larger than 5,
   so "Rating higher than 5*" will not have any results.
   Maybe an (additional)  choice such as "Rating at least "
   and the corresponding
   ">=" operation would be better?

   BTW: It seems that an additional color label around the stars
   can be useful as well (eg. red 5 stars for the best of
   the best ;-), see

d) Great is also the new feature of pressing CTRL+1 ... CTRL+5
   to assign a rating. Many thanks!

   A minor point: would it be possible to update the display in the
   thumbnail picture immediately? I am sometimes
   not sure if I pressed CTRL+... or SHIFT+... and therefore
   frequently change to the next picture to check the result.

c) I just found out that when using the tag-filters one can assign
   several selected (via CTRL-click) tags using drag-and-drop
   for several selected images - very cool!

   It would be very convenient
   if this could also be made working for the "Comments&Tags".

   BTW: Tag filters are very useful! In addition to [ ], [x]
   a [-] to select all which do not have a given tag might be nice.

   And there seems to be one little glitch: when dragging a bunch
   of tags to a non-selected image, this also gets all the tags.

Alright, I better stop here before I put too many things
in one mail.

Digikam really rocks, many thanks for this great program,


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