[Digikam-users] Showfoto, doesn't!

Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Sun Apr 9 21:08:56 BST 2006

Le Dimanche 09 Avril 2006 09:15 PM, Dennis Meulensteen a écrit :
> Caulier Gilles wrote:
> > Le Dimanche 09 Avril 2006 08:00 PM, Dennis Meulensteen a écrit :
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> After I updated my suse 10.0 to KDE 3.5.2 level "a" my showfoto only
> >> shows a black background. The histogram display works, but none of the
> >> previews (such as in the sharpening dialog). Nothing I've tried to get
> >> the picture to show up works, and the same images worked fine before.
> >> Besides, they work well in digikam itself.
> >>
> >> To exclude packaging from the equasion, I compiled from svn, stable
> >> branch. This gives me version 0.82 beta-1.
> >
> > But showfoto use external library like imlib2 (that used to render image
> > in screen). If this package is broken in your system, nothing can be
> > solved.
> I just recompiled imlib2, after fixing some bugs which used to be
> warnings (something about labels after block statements) .It compiled
> fine but I till got the error.
> Then I re installed an older imlib from packages, and it worked... Go
> figure!
> > Are you started showfoto fro a console a seen any error messages ?
> Yes, good idea too... Error 4! How descriptive...
> > If you can compile source code from svn, try trunk branch (0.9.0-svn).
> > This one do not depend of imlib2. Warning, this is alpha...
> Whoa, you got my knees knocking with this suggestion. Much as I'd love
> to (I mean it!), I haven't the time to get into alpha stuff. I just need
> it to work for now. When I finish my studies I'd be glad to help out by
> debugging alpha versions.
> Bottom line: Thanks for your speedy reply. You hit the nail on the head
> at first pop. My stuff is working now, and I know where to look if it
> happens again.

Well, just take a tour here :


Next release is very improved. Take a look in this file (still uncomplete) :


The current implementation will be toogled in beta1 during May. All new 
features have been implemented (excepted some indeep points). You can trying 
without risk (no crash), but do not use in production (make a new albums 
library path for that and use a different account in your system to preserve 
your settings)


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