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Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Sun Apr 9 17:51:33 BST 2006

Le Dimanche 09 Avril 2006 08:04 PM, yves.thomazeau a écrit :
> Hello i find it easier to use this correction directly in Digikam than
> through Gimp .
> However there are little worries :
> 1/I don t find the same scale .I was usually using 0.3 pixels ,150 % and 10
> and i think the digikal equivalent is 20,15 and 10 is it all right .

Well, nothing will change about stable implementation serie (0.8.x), because, 
i have remove the gimp algorithm from the plugin and build a new one from 
scratch, inspired on ImageMagick technic and supporting 16 bits images (RAW 
files for example). The code will be available for 0.9.0 release (beta1 is 
planed during May)

The result will be different now since the algoritms are different. To be 
honest, the gimp plugin algorithm is very compicated to perform unsharped 
mask (undocumented, unoptimized, etc.). The new implementation is more easy 
to maintain.

You can test it to compile the current 'trunk' branch from svn...

> 2/Is there a possibility to only unsarp a selction into the picture (as it
> is possible in Gimp)?

Not yet. Image Editor selection usability will be improved in the future...

> 3Is it possible to change the default parameters ?

Not yet.

> 4/along corrections ,it seems not possible to have an historical memory ( i
> often do ,undo , do in gimp to really see the result).

Yes, digikam image editor support undo/redo since a long time using Edit menu

> 5/Keep on ,this soft is quite usefull for phtography on PC .

Well, test current 0.9.0-svn, you will be surprise. There are some screenshots 
taken from current implementation on web project page :



Gilles Caulier

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