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Caulier Gilles caulier.gilles at kdemail.net
Sat Apr 8 21:15:06 BST 2006

Le Samedi 08 Avril 2006 03:32 PM, Markus Spring a écrit :
> Marcel Wiesweg schrieb:
> > I would even change this without a setup option, but if there is need for
> > an option, that's fine with me as long as the default is not to count it
> > as a change.
> I second this - there is no reason even to inform the user as long as the
> image is not changed.
> Could I get some explanation: If I have images that get rotated
> automatically, then there should be no necessity to save the image anew,
> isn't it? All manipulations go to the image in it's default physical
> orientation - landscape - and only the display is rotated according to the
> exif flag.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong.

yes. but the a flag is toogle in internal because exif-autorotate use a rotate 
standard method that tooglr this flag. It's simple. We can just please image 
editor to ignore to toogle this flag only if exifautorate is operated.

Marcel, i'm agree. No need to add another option for that. We will explain 
better how to work exif-autorotate feature in the handbook and in dialog 
setup tooltips.

If you want to fix exif-autorotate, you can do it. It very easy to do. Just 
unforget showfoto that i have add recently exif-autorotate capability in svn 
(showfoto form digikam 0.8.x do not have this feature)


> Regards - Markus
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