[Digikam-users] exif rotation

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat Apr 8 14:07:47 BST 2006

> > However, when moving to the next picture in the image editor,
> > one gets the message
> > "The image 'IMG_5347.JPG' has been modified.
> >  Do you want to save it."
> >
> > This is very annoying if one just wants to look at a sequence
> > of images (eg. for rating and tagging).
> > Is there a way to avoid this warning?
> > (I would prefer if this automatic rotation would be done in the image
> > editor, but ignored as a change of the picture).
> Yes, this problem exist since we have done a common image editor/showfoto
> implementation. This is not a bug, but a missing feature...
> What do you think to add a simple checked box option in image
> editor/showfoto setup to lets unchanged the image after auto-rotating ?
> Marcel, Paco, your viewpoint ?

Yes, that needs to be done. I wasn't aware of this, but that is very annoying 
if one has exif-rotated images. The user might be unaware that the image has 
been rotated at all.
I would even change this without a setup option, but if there is need for an 
option, that's fine with me as long as the default is not to count it as a 


> Gilles

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