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Luis Bernardo lmpmbernardo at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Apr 6 05:19:52 BST 2006

Marcus Popp wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>On 2006-04-05T04:16, Peter Russell wrote:
>> One minor point - The "date/time creation". 
>>This seems to refer to the date the last time the file was modified.
>>Wouldn't it be far more useful if it was based on the "original 
>>mage creation date" in the exif info instead, as this would be more 
>>relevant in digital imaging. (I thought so anyway)
>> Look forward to hearing your views / replies etc;.
I noticed that the way you move your photos from your camera to your 
albums affects the date/time creation. I use command line and I noticed 
that if I use cp then the date/time get changed but if I use mv they 
retain the original values. If you are afraid that something may go 
wrong during the move, copy first the photos to  a tmp folder, then move 
the photos from your camera to your digikam album, and if everything is 
ok you can delete the copies.

>I filled a bug report about importing photos which also regards this point.
>Please vote for it if you found it usefull.
>so long,
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